Elderly Falls Injuries

Falls are not an inevitable part of ageing. Why is falling common to elderly people?   Falls can happen to anyone, but elderly people are more prone to fall incidents, not just because they are frail, but there are other causes of falls. These are some common (My Aged Care Gov) listed causes of falls: [...]

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Fear of dementia?

Fear of dementia?: Understanding life after a dementia diagnosis can reduce fear of dementia It is not uncommon to have a fear of dementia for yourself or a loved one after noticing some forgetfulness. So it is important to understand that there are a group of signs and symptoms that need to be happening repeatedly [...]

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What does a home care package provide?

This post provides an overview of what a home care package provides if you are assigned a Level 2 The Government’s ‘My Aged Care’ Home Care Package program is designed to keep older-age Australians living at home longer-term. On a level 2 Home Care Package, a Care Recipient receives $40.65 per day ($284.55 per week, [...]

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