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With a Home Care Package, you can pay for a lot of the support services you may need as you get older. With in-home care services in the Lower North Shore, you can still enjoy your independence and a high quality of life even if you can’t perform all your everyday tasks like you used to.

Home Care Assistance offers home care services for Australians with Home Care Packages in the Lower North Shore. We can also serve as your HCP Provider, managing your Care Plan for you and arranging services for some of the lowest fees in the area.

How Aged Care Packages in the Lower North Shore Work

The Government’s My Aged Care program provides Home Care Packages to older Australians who are eligible for home care services. You may have to pay a co-pay for your services, but your Package will make it much easier to get the support that you need.

When you receive a Package, you’ll need to find a Provider to manage your services for you, but you can decide what care providers you use. At Home Care Assistance, we work with you to make sure your Care Plan is optimised for you in terms of the types of support you need, the hours you receive care, and even the individual caretaker you use.

This gives you peace of mind, knowing you have the care you need, but you also have the personalised support available to ensure your needs are always met.

Home Care Packages in the Lower North Share FAQs

What home care services are included in a Home Care Package?

With your Package, you can take advantage of elder care services from professional caregivers. You can also get help with things like garden maintenance, home cleaning, and exercise programs.

Can I still get in-home care if I’m on the waiting list for a Home Care Package?

For Lower North Shore residents on the waiting list for a Package, you can still benefit from home care services. Instead of using your Package, you can pay for them privately.

Can I switch my HCP Provider?

Yes, you can change Providers. As a part of Consumer Directed Care, or CDC, you have the freedom to change your Home Care Package Provider, for example, if you wanted to find one that offers lower admin fees.

If you’d like to learn more about Home Care Packages in Lower North Shore or if you’d like to have Home Care Assistance serve as your Provider, call us on 02 8407 9169 today or contact us online.

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