This post provides an overview of what a home care package provides if you are assigned a Level 2

The Government’s ‘My Aged Care’ Home Care Package program is designed to keep older-age Australians living at home longer-term.

On a level 2 Home Care Package, a Care Recipient receives $40.65 per day ($284.55 per week, $14,837 per year) to spend on services and products to keep he or she safe and living well at home. That is the nutshell of what a home care package provides.

If the Care Recipient has an income-tested fee, they receive the $40.65 per day minus the income-tested daily fee. The highest possible income-tested daily fee at the moment is $29.19. The majority of Care Recipients we serve have co-payments lower than this.

Beyond the nutshell, there are a few details to understand:

– Care recipients do not receive this money directly; it gets held on their behalf by a Package Management “provider”

– Providers charge management fees for holding and managing the Package, for being accredited and compliant with the regulations, and for coordinating access to services and products that keep people
safe and well at home.

– Different Providers charge different management fees, and some charge entry and exit fees

It makes sense to know what a Care Recipient wants to use their Package for. Family and friends can best help by asking questions about what their older-age loved is struggling with on a day to day basis. This will guide what is most needed, to stay living safely and well at home.

The amount of money in a Package available to spend directly on products and services is whatever is left after management fees and entry/exit fees are deducted.

For Care Recipients who are mainly interested in using their Package to pay for in-home carer services, a useful way to compare Package Providers is to ask them how many carer hours you will get out of a Package. This depends not only on the Package Manager’s fees, but also on the cost of in-home carer services. Again, different in-home caregiver services providers charge different rates.

For example, a level 2 Package can provide 5 hours of in-home carer services, with nothing to pay out of pocket, if the Care Recipient has nil income-tested fee, the management fees are mid- to low-range, and the carer hours cost roughly $50 per hour (prices tend to hover around that price in this area of Sydney).

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